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Words, Words, Mere Words: Shakespeare Will Goes on Display

shakespeare will goes on display

This one is for the Shakespeare fanatic but still fascinating. It looks at the legal documents signed by the Bard. read the article here.

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How did Shakespeare speak?

How did Shakespeare speak

This is an awesome clip with Michael Rosen on how Shakespeare’s work sounded at the time of being written. It is great as loads of the rhymes make sense and take Shakespeare away from the ‘posh’ accent that sometimes put … Continue reading

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What Shakespeare can teach us about The Magna Carta and Historical drama

Driving home with my family from a theme park I suddenly swerved and shouted ‘Runnymede.’ I regained control of the car. My family asked perplexed what was up. ‘This is Runnymede, where the Magna Carta was signed’ I yelped. ‘The … Continue reading

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