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Tempted by the supernatural weird sisters to break their bonds of trust and murder their King, the Macbeths unleash the forces of nature’s revenge. This production focuses on the play’s theme of killing an anointed king, that is the greatest crime. This was a very popular view with Shakespeare’s patron King James I.

About Macbeth Show

Shakespeare for School Macbeth Theatre ShowWe have cut the play with the sharpest of knives to make it a lean one hour nightmare machine. In our production Macduff invites you to hear his haunting tale of the murderous Macbeth’s and how they tore his and Scotland’s life apart.
Set in the original story time of 1040, these dark age warriors recreate their broadsword battles, witches dances and bloody horror. With Macduff narrating, it allows the beautiful poetry to fly as the audience can understand the plot more easily.

Our Shakespeare in a Suitcase production has witches, warriors and ghosts supported by our audience of rapping ‘wraith-ravens’ where they join in as the chorus with ‘Hubble Bubble’ rap.’

How the Macbeth Show works

One hour long shows with a cast of three (needs to be seen to be believed) followed by workshops for a half a day OR your students can create their own version with our company or visiting director to perform at the end of the day to family and friends.

Mixing modern language and original text it makes the story fun and crystal clear. The best way to experience the Bard which, lets face it, was designed to be enjoyed as a live show.

“Allow us to bring the laughs to you.”

Macbeth at Coxwell Barn Festival photo Greca Redwood-Jones.

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Also Available Shakespeare Double Bill


Our shows are also available as a double bill performance with either Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest and Macbeth. Comedy and Tragedy in a day.

Choose any combinations of two shows.

Also available with workshops after the shows.

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“It was wonderful to see so many children coming out of their shells and fully embracing the drama.”
Rowner Junior School

The children said that they had an amazing day, so please do pass on my sincere thanks to Rebecca, Adrian and the other young lady. Rebecca was especially skilful in her rapport with the children. The workshops were exhausting and exciting, yet still a great success! The feed back from parents is that it was great.
The Year 5 team said that they are keen to rebook again for next year.”
Sevenoaks Primary School

“Hi Mike,
I just wanted to let you know how much we all thoroughly enjoyed the above performances last Tuesday. We had very positive feedback from the students, even to the point where some of them wanted to pursue a career in acting in the same way. Our performing arts department has suddenly had a major boost!

Please pass on our thanks to the actors for their perseverance with sometimes reluctant students with answering their questions, as well as the enjoyable and educational delivery of the plays.

Once again, many thanks and I hope we can arrange another visit again in the future.”

Elaine Larkin
Aldercar High School

“Hello Mike,
I would like to extend a massive thank you to your team from all of us in Year 7 at Weydon School. On Monday your team were entertaining and inspiring! Our students loved them. We were grateful for everything they did, running around into and out of different classrooms to ensure they had spent time with and supported everyone.
We look forward to hopefully hosting you again in the future.”
Year 7 River Progress and Achievement Leader

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