Welcome to Shakespeare Workshops and Performance for Schools.

Since 1993 Splats have been producing shows and Shakespeare workshops for schools and families across the UK.

Our Shakespeare workshops are designed to maximise the involvement of the pupils and bring Shakespeare to life on stage. In just one day the pupils can learn and perform their very own production of A Midsummer Nights Dream , Macbeth take our Tempest Shakespeare workshops or learn some stage combat and use it to perform Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare Plays Video

Shakespeare's Lost Panto

Here at Shakespeare for Schools, we believe we know what the bard was doing in his ‘lost years’ before he appeared at the Globe and how he created his archetype for all his later characters. He was writing pantos and we have made up evidence to prove it!
‘Shakespeare’s Lost Panto’ is all the fun of the Panto with some clever references to start your Shakespeare topic with. An hour long show with three performers.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A great introduction to the inventiveness of Shakespeare. Watch your pupils create the Midsummer Night’s madness of Oberon, Titania, Puck and the fairies causing chaos with their magical mischief on the humans. What fools these mortals be.


Tempted by the supernatural weird sisters to break their bonds of trust and murder their King,the Macbeths unleash the forces of nature’s revenge. This production focuses on the play’s theme of killing an anointed king, that is the greatest crime.

The Tempest

‘A great introduction to the inventiveness of Shakespeare.’
With mime, circus, music and of course lots of Splats fun participation. Join the Wizard Prospero and his daughter Miranda on a deserted island as he weaves a magical maze with fairy Ariel and Man monster Caliban to catch his brother and get his kingdom back.

Romeo & Juliet

Our Romeo & Juliet workshop uses Stage combat techniques to help your students produce their own version of the play. Perfect for Secondary schools.


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