“If this were play’d upon the stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction”

I am sure you have wondered from time to time about the genius of Shakespeare. And I am sure that in your wonderings you have asked yourself the same question that we at Splats have been pondering for a while. The question is this:

If Shakespeare was so great, where is his Pantomime?

But now, historians at the archives of castle Splats have discovered* what Shakespeare was doing in those lost years. We know that Shakespeare was influenced by various theatrical traditions. We also know that pantomime has its roots in things that Shakespeare would have known about – The Masques of Elizabethan England, the Tudor Feast of Fools and Commedia dell’Arte. And we also know that Shakespeare sometimes used stories from long ago as the basis for his plays, much like in pantomime. When we pieced these things together we unearthed** the truth that is:


Using fragments of original text, historical notes and other things that we just made up we are producing for you a great revival of this long lost masterpiece.

You will see the ancient origins of the Cinderella story, some Shakespearean plot devices, some of the most influential characters from other Shakespeare plays and some magic beans all in one historically accurate*** show.

Watch this space for more details.

*Made up


***”historically accurate” in this case means “hysterically inaccurate”

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