But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?

It is the actual sun! springtime is here, the perfect time to book your Midsummer nights dream day. I am feeling full of the bard at the moment as I have been to see Henry IV part 1 at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. I was there for the bards birthday bash so I got to see a giant lady walking down the high street as a bonus (an amazing giant puppet, in case you were unsure). The show was really entertaining, I really liked Anthony Sher as Falstaff and the whole cast worked together really well. I will confess that I was less than inspired by the stage combat routines, but I guess you cant have everything. I liked it enough to book tickets to Henry IV part 2 later in the summer along with tickets to Two Gentlemen of Verona and the White Devil. It’s a pretty busy year for theatre really. On the subject of theatre (although off the subject of Shakespeare) I can really recommend a show called ‘Flown’ by Pirates of the Carabina – I saw it at the Edinburgh festival last year and again recently on its current tour. Look it up and book it, people.

I start with a Romeo and Juliet quote, then I talk about stage combat and that leads me neatly toward our Romeo and Juliet day. Been writing it and tinkering for a while and its coming together pretty well. Its going to be packed full of stage combat and aimed at secondary schools. I really want to create a script that allows Juliet to be a bit more fiesty. I like to think that if Shakespeare was writing stuff today he would be writing more strong female characters and I am pretty sure Juliet would have her own fight scene…


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