Bottoms up!

All the world’s a stage… And now on some very small stages in schools all over the country there are some very small players getting their first taste of Shakespeare with our Midsummer Nights Dream day. The script was finished with much tinkering and quill nibbling, and the show released on an unsuspecting public. The response has been great and, thanks to some heroic performances from our little players, the days have been a great success. That said, each day is a huge amount of work as we try to squeeze a two hour play into four tiny scenes in one day with up to 130 kids. Mix in the fact that we are also making costume, props and learning some circus skills and you have a day of (mostly) organized chaos.

After the first day was finished, after Bottom had finished his last spasm in a long comedy death scene and after all the props had gone back in the box, I sat still for a moment and pondered. It really did feel like it must have all been a dream.

I counted myself lucky that in my dream I wasn’t a donkey.

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